Saturday, August 28, 2010

NEWS: Two years ago, Governor Beshear pushed for an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution to allow for expanding gambling (slot machines) in our state, the votes failed for that. During the last legislative session, it was tried to put this under the umbrella of the lottery. The votes failed for that too. Now this isn't coming up for a vote at all; it's just being put in place without the voters or General Assembly getting to say anything about it. The slot machines, called "Instant Racing," are where gamblers put money in a machine and bet on films of old horse races. It is a back-door attempt to do what the gambling industry failed to convince legislators to do during the last General Assembly session: allow wealthy horse tracks to bypass the Kentucky Constitution.
The Family Foundation of Kentucky has filed a brief in Franklin Circuit Court to intervine in what it calls a "one-sided case" filed by several horse tacts that would expand gamling byond current limits. This way of incrasing the state's revenue violates Biblical principles. (See Proverbs 22:16; 28:22; 11:28.)

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can do two things: 1) You can contact the Family Foundation of Kentucky and help them in their fight against expanded gambling. 2) You can contact your State-level legislators and tell them to take action to stop this violation of the State Constitution. Click here to learn who your State-level legislators are.