Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NEWS: America's dependence on foreign oil continues to hurt our economy, and worse, sends our money to nations hostile to us.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can click here for a report from the U.S. Geological Service about how America has more oil than the ENTIRE Middle East. You can write/e-mail your Representative and Senators in Washington and demand they fight the administration and extract this DOMESTIC oil.

If you would like a free "Drill for American Oil NOW!" bumper sticker, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to AFA of KY, P.O. Box 8089, Louisville, KY 40257-8089 and include a note requesting the Drill for Oil bumper sticker. You can also order them online by clicking here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biblical basis of the Constitution

NEWS: There are three things standing between you and tyranny: 1) The Bible 2) The Constitution 3) A patriot willing to stand up and defend them.

All three of these things are under heavy attack in America.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can learn about the Biblical basis of our nation's Constitution at a free 1-hour class taught by Bro. Lee Watts.

When: May 2, 2011

Time: 2 p.m.

Where: Maryville Baptist Church

Smith Lane, Louisville KY

Staying Informed - Active

NEWS: Politicians often say they are for or against something, yet the things we want too often get voted down and things we oppose are passed. We need to keep a closer eye on what's going in in D.C. Below is an easy way to do this.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can register for a free service from called "MegaVote." This service notifies you via e-mail of how your Senators and Representatives actually voted. They also send you a summary of bills up for a vote so you can be informed on what's coming up and how to contact your representatives in Washington to make your voice heard.

Defending Marriage

NEWS: The Family Foundation of Kentucky is working to create a "Marriage Movement" involving individuals, churches, and other organizations.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can be part of the grass-roots movement to emphasize the value of traditional, Biblical, and happy marriages in Kentucky. The meeting will be held for three days so you could attend which one best fits you.

Time: 7 - 8 p.m.

When: April 11, 12 and 14.

Where: The Community Room (second floor) of the First Southern National Bank building, at 3060 Harrodsburg Road in Lexington, KY (directly across from Beaumont Center).