Friday, January 22, 2010

Iowa says, "Don't pray in Jesus' name"

NEWS: Despite the First Amendment to the Constitution, stating that there shall be no laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion or abridging the freedom of speech, the State of Iowa has done so.
After Pastor Brad Cranston of Heritage Baptist Church in Burlington, Iowa, prayed in Jesus name before the Iowa House of Representatives, a memo was sent to the lawmakers stating that all prayers are to be "non-denominational and non-political."
Pastor Cranston did not pray "in the name of the Baptist" he prayed "in the name of Jesus" so the "non-denominational" order can mean simply "DON'T PRAY IN JESUS NAME!"
How absurd! It's unconstitutional to issue an order like this- therefore, illegal. Furthermore, whoever sent this memo is assuming authority not given to them. Only the legislature can pass laws, not the author of some memo. Here we have a classic example of the "They Department" in action. The "They Department" is often quoted, but never found.
The memo also said that, 'Prayers shall be submitted in advance." Why require prayers in advance unless there is consideration of censoring a prayer or refusal to allow someone to pray at all?

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can take some or all of the following actions
  • You can call, write, or e-mail the members of the Iowa House of Representatives. To find their contact information click here then click on the representatives name.
  • You can contact Iowa Governor Chet Culver and ask for his public support in protesting this Constitutional violation. His office number is (515) 281-5211. Or you can write: "Office of the Governor & Lt. Governor State Capitol 1007 East Grand Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 50319.
  • You can send Governor Culver an email by clicking here.
  • You can refuse to allow the "They Department" to take away our Constitutional right to pray in Jesus name ANYWHERE.
  • You can write a note of encouragement to Pastor Cranston. The church's address is:

314 N 3rd Street
Burlington, IA 52601