Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Obama versus the 4th Amendment

NEWS:  The Obama administration has been found violating American's right to privacy under the 4th Amendment (listening to e-mails and phone calls).  It has also been found guilty of harassing pro-Constitution, pro-life, pro-family, pro-Israel, and other conservative groups.  Many conservatives have been unable to forward news of these violations via e-mail.  Below is an example of a link I have been unable to forward of Congress exposing not scandals but felonies of the Obama administration.
WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: You can view Congressional hearings exposing Obama administration felonies here
You can also listen to this week's episode of  my radio show "Take America Back."  On the program I play some incredibly scary words of Obama saying, "Trust me.  We know who the bad guys are."
You can also spread word about this.  We must be: Informed, Involved, and it's probably not a bad idea to be armed too!  LET FREEDOM RING!!!