Thursday, April 4, 2013

Big Brother already here

NEWS:  Below is a picture of me standing next to a print out of ObamaCare.  Part of this monstrous bill is pushing "Common Core."  This is standardized curriculum sent down from Washington D.C. to our states.  The state would have no say in what is taught.  It is education without representation. Opponents of Common Core site some of it’s underlying problems.  Groups such as "Truth in Education", sight some of the problems as,  “There will be a massive data tracking system on each child with over 400 points of information collected. This information can be shared among organizations and companies and parents don’t have to be informed about what data is being collecting. They will collect information such as: your child's academic records, health care history, disciplinary record, family income range, family voting status, and religious affiliation, to name a few. Big brother will be watching your child from preschool till college You, the parent, are UNABLE to opt your child out of this tracking system."
WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT:  Those in my home state can join CHEK (Christian Home Educators of Kentucky),  It is an organization dedicated to keeping its members informed about threats to Christian's rights in education and fighting to keep those rights.  You can learn more on their website   
You can also contact your state-level legislator and ask them to sponsor or support legislation getting Common Core out of our state.
Lawmakers in 18 states have considered legislation to block the implementation of the curriculum standards.  Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Virginia have successfully rejected or partially rejected Common Core. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell reiterated his opposition to Common Core in late March, as has Texas Gov. Rick Perry.