Friday, February 12, 2010

President pushing to allow sodomites in military

NEWS: President Obama is pushing for Congress to lift the ban on sodomites being in the military. If this is done it will cause several problems including:
Military members could be showering with those who might view them with sexual interest. (When I was in the service I didn't like the idea of group showers to begin with, but the idea of open sodomites in the showers is far - far worse.)
Overturning the ban will effect the military chaplains who take the Biblical stance against sodomy. They will either be told to go with the state's position, be quiet, or be removed. This is a violation of the 1st Amendment.
Our military will no longer be the place America's families want to send their best and brightest young men and women. Resulting in a weakening of our national security.

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: Contact your members of Congress and urge them to keep this ban in place. You can learn how to contact them by clicking here. Just type in your zip code to learn the names and contact information for your elected officials.