Saturday, November 21, 2009

Healthcare Bill - Your Taxes funding abortions!

NEWS: The Senate is drawing closer to voting on Obama's Healthcare Bill. The bill has already passed the House. If this becomes law, then taxes will increase and our dollars will fund state-sponsored abortions.
The Congressional Budget Office predicts that under the Senate's proposal, millions of Americans will lose the employer-based coverage they currently have.
"It's a terribly expensive bill," states Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi. "I don't know how they can tout it as something that actually saves money; except that they're using a few accounting gimmicks to maybe make it look better at first. It raises taxes to a tune of half-a-trillion dollars. It eliminates the so-called 'Stupak language' which was negotiated in the House and was designed to ensure that no taxpayer dollars go to fund abortion through these insurance plans. That language is taken out."
(President Reagan warned about Socialized Medicine. Listen to his 10 minute speech on our "Heritage" page.)

WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT: Contact your state's Senators and ask them to oppose the Heathcare Bill! You can learn how to contact your state's Senator's on our "Speak Out" page.

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